Possible release of SpaceX Home Internet before 2020


Possible release of SpaceX Home Internet before 2020

SpaceX has obtained approval of its plan to launch 12,000 new satellites into space as it targets to create a network of them that are much closer to the earth.

SpaceX has many visions, one of which being their low-orbit satellites as they offer much faster home internet service. This allowed to provide higher and consistent quality for all parts of the world.

After speaking with one of the recent filling of SpaceX in the FCC, the firm said that if their changes get the approval it requires, SpaceX could possibly start providing its consumers a high-speed home internet service before the start of the hurricane season in 2020.

While it is not known if how much the cost will be for its home internet service, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had previously said at the SXSW that the service will be low-cost.

Currently, there are still many things still need to be known about the home internet service, and SpaceX hopes to open up about it soon. All we know right now is that SpaceX will be much faster, consistent and be ready for the hurricane season in 2020.

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