David Bakhtiari floats an interesting potential Aaron Rodgers strategy for the Packers

The staredown between the Packers and Jets over Aaron Rodgers continues. One of his current (for now) teammates shared an interesting possible theory for solving the situation Boys with the boys Internet.

“The The Packers are rebuilding, whether you think so or not,” said David Bakhtiari sadly. “Could they be good? I don’t know. Could they be bad? Maybe if you bet, more people would think they’d be bad than good, right? Isn’t that fair? So they’d say, ‘Well, we’ll chuck it anyway. We like what we like, We’re not going to bend to anybody. So we’re going to eat it. . . . We’re paying you, we don’t care. If we’re going to do it our way, it’s going to be on our terms. If not, what are we going to be Super Bowl contenders? So we’re going to eat it. , you can hang on the side. We’ll give you your money and then we’ll eat anyway and get choices, compared to dealing with something you shouldn’t have.

Not having an owner who personally loses the $60 million Rodgers is being paid this year could make the decision more palatable, since no one is actually losing money — and the Packers can exercise at any time with optional bonuses. Week one would result in the lowest cap number in 2023.

Bakhtiari added that he did not expect it to become controversial. But if the Jets draw a line in the sand that the Packers won’t cross, he recognizes that a third option is to “keep Aaron and pay him not to play.”

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And Bakhtiari made it clear that they would not keep Rodgers and neither would pay him to play. Bakhtiari said the Packers “gave the keys” to quarterback Jordan Love.

What makes the theory interesting is that it comes from a current player. A key player. One of the players, Rodgers, mentioned as players he would like to continue to play with.

Maybe Rodgers will eventually. Bakhtiari repeatedly referred to the Bakers as “them” and “we,” and then when he said he didn’t want to be traded, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ invites speculation that there was some kind of sneaking around. Allegedly the heart of the joke.

Again, it’s unlikely the Packers will play hardball to the point where Rodgers is paying nearly $60 million to not play. The fact that this possibility landed on Bakhtiari’s radar screen justifies putting it on ours as well.

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