MLB World Series 2016: Cubs vs. Indians Sets New Record for Price of Tickets

The Chicago Cubs will appear in the World Series. 

For the first time in 71 years, Cubs, (the baseball team from Chicago, Illinois), is in the world series. They won 103 games and lost only 58, securing first place in the League.

They will face off against the Indians from Cleveland, while hoping to break a 103-year “drought”. Ticket prices for the upcoming games are about as exorbitant as SuperBowl tickets, averaging around four-and a-half thousand dollars per seat, (games 4 and 5).

Ticket prices are setting new records by breaking old ones. According to Forbes, (a financial magazine), the price of each ticket is nearly double the last record. Even at record high cost, tickets are sold out. Re-sellers are asking over $6000 per ticket for certain seats. The current prices in Chicago dwarf previous MLB records. (The previous record was roughly $1600). mlbIn Cleveland, home of the Indians, tickets are selling for around $1200, which is more than the average ticket price for a NBA finals game featuring Lebron James and the Cavaliers. Each ticket is more expensive than one month’s rent in Brooklyn, or a heavily used car.

Many cubs fans are choosing to purchase tickets in Cleveland, preferring a six-hour drive as opposed to paying over four-thousand dollars for a single ticket. The current price of a World Series ticket is more than the average price of a ticket to the previous Super bowl.

Perhaps some of the ticket price will offset costs of upgrading Wrigley Stadium, (home of the Cubs). The Cubs were purchased by Tom Ricketts for $875 million in 2009.

baseball-1680863_960_720He invested heavily, (nearly $700 million), into the Cubs’ stadium and surrounding areas. He added new amenities and comforts for the players, hired staff to cook healthy meals, and turned the team into a contender for the series title. His investments attracted new talent.

Part of the new talent is Theo Epstein, who used to manage the Boston Red Sox. Epstein is a person who is known for his commitment and dedication, often working eighteen hour days.

Epstein purchased new players and helped the Cubs make it into the World Series.


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