FC Barcelona Is Highest-Paying Team, Giving $12.8-M Annually

FC Barcelona Is Highest-Paying Team, Giving $12.8-M Annually

Futbol Club Barcelona is now the highest-paying team in international sports.

Published on Monday, the report by the Global Sports Salaries Survey (GSSS) indicated that the Spanish football team is the first to pay the average basic yearly salary of over £10 million ($12.8 million).

For the first time since 2012, FC Barcelona returned to the pinnacle of the salary rankings in the ninth edition of the GSSS published by UK-based information and research firm, Sporting Intelligence.

The average yearly basic first-team paycheck at the Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona, was recorded to be over £10.45 million ($13.38 million) as of late November of the 2018 to 2019 season.

In November last year, FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi was awarded the most important contract and the largest salary agreement in the history of FC Barcelona.

The Spanish football club’s captain and forward are now widely considered as the greatest soccer player of all time.

Messi’s gross basic or pre-tax yearly salary is over £50 million ($64.07 million). This includes guaranteed image rights payments.

FC Barcelona affirmed the clause of the football superstar with this signing which is set at 700 million euros ($835 million).

This is reportedly greater than double his previous clause of 300 million euros ($357 million). Barcelona is clearly at the top of this year’s rankings.

A domestic contender, Real Madrid, has risen to second place. The average basic salary at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home stadium of Real Madrid, is approximately more than £8 million ($10.25 million) yearly.

Falling on the third spot of the GSSS is the National Basketball Association’s Oklahoma City Thunder which was the number one sports team in 2017. The team pays £7.85 million ($10.32 million).

The GSSS uses the average first-team salary for its metrics. The survey closely evaluates the earnings for playing a sport and not the other extra-curricular involvements and endorsements.

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