Monmouth-Roseville Moves Ahead To The State Competition

Monmouth-Roseville Moves Ahead To The State Competition

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MONMOUTH, Ill. – High school sports teams usually get everything all mixed up once they enter the state competitions. That is what Monmouth-Roseville Coach Aaron Sikorski is trying to avoid.

Sikorski stated that he is doing things one step at a time to prevent the play processes all mixed up. He even shared how the team had a blast in yesterday’s soccer practice.

Things seem to be going in the right direction. Sikorski even stated that everyone from his team had a great workout practice on that wonderful day. The coach intends to put his team in more focus this coming weekend.

The Monmouth-Roseville has always boasted a record of 20-3-3. They will prove just how worthy they are as they come face to face with the Elgin St. Edward at the East Side Centre.

The Class 1A State Semifinals is an important event for both teams because it marks the day they first competed in a state male’s soccer competition.

Monmouth-Roseville Moves Ahead To The State Competition

The philosophy of the Monmouth-Roseville Titans team is about respecting their every opponent while courageously taking them on. Their motto has been echoing in the field for the entire season, and it would seem that they will be living out that motto all throughout the state competition.

Meanwhile, Elgin Coach, Tim Brieger, says that he is excited about the state competition with the Monmouth-Roseville Titans. He explained that the coming competition would be the 1,000th soccer game that he will be coaching, marking a brand new milestone for him.

Brieger shared that, back in the 1900s, he was just a student playing for the Elgin soccer team, and when he got back, he became the coach. He considered the event as an achievement.

Part of his achievement was guiding three female soccer teams into the state competitions. He explained that as soon as this season approached, he knew right then that he wanted to take the male soccer team to the state, too.

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