Ireland Manager Joe Kernan Confident Without All-Ireland Champions

Ireland Manager Joe Kernan Confident Without All-Ireland Champions

DUBLIN, Ireland – Team Manager Joe Kernan is confident that his current lineup has a sharp edge even without new players from All-Ireland champions this year.

He revealed that he had approached ten players from the capital, but he was declined for some reasons. This includes job commitments, club commitments, and injuries.

Lee Keegan, Andy Moran, Colm Boyle, and Tom Parsons from Mayo also declined the invitation, though Aidan O’shea, Chris Barrett and Brendan Harrison will be there to represent the team. This will be the first time that the Ireland team was arranged without the All-Ireland champions.

Kernan is pretty sure of his team,though. He believes that they are well fit and are competitive even without the new additions.

Ireland Manager Joe Kernan Confident Without All-Ireland Champions

He also believes that the boys from the All-Ireland champions have understandable reasons. They spent three years of their lives doing everything for their team and sacrificing a lot. He was a little disappointed, but he understands. They need to earn a living too, and employers can’t give way a lot.

Kernan also pointed out player Michael Murphy who had just returned from an injury. He compared him to a child in a toy shop, regarding his drive to play. He also mentioned Aidan, Barrett, and Zach Tuohy, and seems to be implicating that his team should not be seen as losing its edge just because they got no addition from All-Ireland Champions.

There was also Killian Clarke, Brendan Harrison, and Peter Crowley. Brendan insists that they got all the needed edge that the team needs.

It would be ideal if they get more, but that didn’t happen.They all seemed to be looking forward to the next season’s game.

The 21 out of his 23 players are named to travel, but the final list is yet to be finalized next week. He is also considering looking beyond the seven players that they are considering for reserve.

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