Silva’s Registration Nulled: Leicester City Accepts FIFA Decision

LEICESTER, United Kingdom – Leicester City F.C. tried its best to get midfielder Adrien Silva’s transfer to push through, but things are just not on their side.

FIFA did not sanction the £22m transfer from Sporting Lisbon because the Premier League club had missed the deadline by a mere 14 seconds in the registration.

FIFA refused to accept the registration due to this fact. The electronic system that records the exact timings had stamped the registration files late by 14 seconds past the deadline. The paperwork was then forwarded to FIFA following international protocol for transfers.

Leicester had hoped that the deal could still be ratified, or they would have to wait until January for the player to be able to play.

Silva's Registration Nulled: Leicester City Accepts FIFA Decision

It was a complex situation and had been more than messy for Leicester. They did their best not to concede defeat on the sensitive situation.

Just recently, they finally decided to accept FIFA’s decision about the matter. There were talks about going to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), but they decided against it. FIFA won’t be supporting an expedited process.

The £22m million move from Sporting Lisbon can only push through at the opening of January’s transfer window.

They state their frustration at the decision, saying that they are not given an opportunity for an effective due process. They are powerless to change the decision, and what more, the player had no say in the matter.

On the side of FIFA, the registration was undeniably late. None of the parties involved would dispute the fact. Their decision is reasonably sound, even though it was just a mere 14 seconds beyond the clock.

The team will take care of Adrien Silva for the meantime. He will train with them, receive coaching and medical and sports science support.

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