Marinette Marines Ended Their Season Against Favored Xavier Hawks

Marinette Marines Ended Their Season Against Favored Xavier Hawks

APPLETON, Wis.-The Marinette Marines took on a tough fight against the heavily favored Xavier this Thursday.

Xavier pulled a 5-1 victory against the shorthanded Marines by the end of the game.

Marinette took the lead five minutes into the game after a long free kick from Jimmy Sculler that a Xavier defender knocked to striker Kody Schreiner. He fired a goal into the right side of the net after a couple of steps.

Xavier was able to turn the tables, after the Marines failed a corner kick, allowing their opponent to tie the game.

Missing a golden opportunity was not all of it. The Xavier got a penalty kick after a push was called against one of Marinette’s players. This enables the Hawks to take the lead.

Marinette Marines Ended Their Season Against Favored Xavier Hawks

Seven minutes to the end of the first half, a red card was given to Minette, which according to Coach Pholmann, rattled his players a bit. They had to play the rest of the game with 10 people against Xavier’s 11.

The game had a long interruption at halftime, as one of the referees fainted, and they had to replace him.

Pohlmann got his team in full throttle when Xavier got a 4-1 lead but was not able to score any goals. Xavier took the last goal in the final minutes, ending the game at 5-1. This made the game to be Minette’s final game of the season.

Pohlmann said it was a really good game. His team played a brilliant first half. He said that his team played very well this season, and he would take this record had it been offered before the season.

The Minette Marines got 8-8-2 at the close of their season.

Weston Storming, Dakota Patton, Jake Anderson, Schreiner and Federico Finamore, Minette’s seniors, have that game as their final one.

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