The United States Was Eliminated From The World Cup 2018

The United States Was Eliminated From The World Cup 2018

COUVA, Trinidad and Tobago – People knew that there would come a day when the United States will fail to make it to the world cup, but nobody thought that this was  going to be the year.

A few of the USMNT team members approached the bench to learn about the digits that would have made them jump for joy like it always did. However, this time, the digits gave them nothing but dismay. Some of them probably wished that everything was just some sort of a nightmare, but apparently, it wasn’t. Everything was all too real.

As if losing the game wasn’t bad enough, what made the defeat much worse is the fact that the American team will not make it to the World Cup in 2018. The USMNT has not lost in the World Cup qualifications ever since the year 1986.

Trinidad and Tobago already lost their dream to enter the World Cup 2018 a couple of months back, which was exactly why the United States’ lost left Americans and other races in quite a stun.

The United States Was Eliminated From The World Cup 2018

If the loss of the American team was not bad enough to think about, why not delve over the fact that Panama will be the one to travel to Russia for the World Cup while the Americans, who have owned the game for decades, watch the event on TV?

There is no doubt that the World Cup qualifications capped the last day with quite a shock and dismay. America is left behind as other continents around the world rejoice over their victory to enter the World Cup 2018.

When the team saw how they failed in the first two rounds, they decided to let go of Jurgen Klinsmann, and replace him for Bruce Arena. Even though the team started going in the right direction, they still only managed to win 3 games out of the 8-round qualifiers.

Arena admitted that the day was a failure, saying that helping the team qualify for the World Cup was supposed to be his job, but he failed anyway.

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