Alex Morgan, Donny Toia Ousted From The Epcot Center

Alex Morgan, Donny Toia Ousted From The Epcot Center

FLORIDA – Alex Morgan, American professional soccer player, together with several Orlando City members, were removed from Disney World on Sunday. A report on Tuesday by an Orange County Sheriff said that they escorted what seemed to be a “highly impaired” Morgan.

Morgan, a renowned player of Orlando in the NWSL, with Major League Soccer players Donny Toia with his wife and Giles Barnes, were ushered out of the Epcot Center due to a heated argument at a restaurant.

“As we walked through the Spaceship Earth, I noticed a group of people being escorted to the pub’s front,” a deputy narrated in the report. “They were being very loud and rude toward the theme park staffs around guests.”

Deputy Johnson also wrote in the report that Morgan was making loud statements about her claimed association with the Orlando SWAT troop.

Alex Morgan, Donny Toia Ousted From The Epcot Center

Based on an article from ESPN, the whole incident began when Giles Barnes interrupted an assigned patron and was escorted outside after an argument started.

Donny Toia was also very aggressive toward the staff and police. A deputy had no other choice but to spin him around with his arms on his back, which Toia obliged to do. Additionally, the report also quoted that all three players were being very rude as they were screaming and yelling.

Morgan, Toia and his wife and Barnes were given warning on trespassing, but no files were charged.

Before the report’s release, Orlando City released a statement to the police team pointing out their awareness about the incident. “The Orlando City organization is aware of the incident that occurred at Epcot Center at Disney World theme park this Sunday,” the statement started.“We are anticipating official communication with Disney World organization or the Police Department at Orange County.”

Meanwhile, Morgan posted a photo on Instagram showing her and her group with a caption “Annual around the world in 8 hours. No big.” Her arm was wrapped around her husband Servando Carrasco, midfielder of the Orlando City team.

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