EA Sports Assign FIFA Card Ratings to Chelsea Players

EA Sports Assign FIFA Card Ratings to Chelsea City Players

EA Sports will be releasing the latest FIFA video game series next week, and the video game company is down to giving out ratings to players, including those from Chelsea.

The much-awaited video game will include updates on the players’ skills and stats that would definitely affect the characters’ gameplay. Fans have the option to mix and match the players according to their liking, and the following rankings might help them decide on which Chelsea players they should put in their lineup.

Retired Central Midfielder Frank Lampard scored an overall rating of 90. He ranked fourth all-time. His 177-goal record was just a few points away from the top three: Andy Cole, Alan Shearer, and Wayne Rooney. He beat Michael Owen, Thierry Henry, and Robbie Fowler.

EA Sports Assign FIFA Card Ratings to Chelsea City Players

The best box-to-box footballer served the team for 14 years. He gave a total of 102 assists in his entire career.

On the other hand, another retiree got a fair rating of 88 on the EA list. Claude Makélélé was the team’s defensive midfielder. He scored two goals in a span of five years. However, he has always been compared to N’golo Kante. Kante is the current midfielder of the team, with an overall rating of 87. He had already scored three goals since he started playing with Chelsea.

Didier Drogba was the team’s frontman during the 2004-06 seasons and returned in 2014 for a one-year stint. For FIFA 18, he garnered an overall rating of 90. It is broken down to 85 from dribbling, 45 from defending, and 90 from physical. He has a score of 82 in shooting, 80 in passing, and 87 in pacing. Drogba left Chelsea as one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

For other ratings for Chelsea, you may access EA sports’ official website.

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