Alexis Sanchez to Leave Arsenal After Confederations Cup

Alexis Sanchez to Leave Arsenal After Confederations Cup

New York City, New York – Forward Alexis Sanchez is considering leaving Arsenal Football Club for good as he said he had decided on his future.

But when asked to which team he would be transferring to, Alexis Sanchez stated that it is for him to know and for everyone else to find out. He might choose to stay with the Gunners or with Bayern Munich or Manchester City.

However, Bayern Munich backed out from considering Sanchez to be a part of the team. They said there were doubts raised for the possible deal to happen. The Gunners might ask for a £ 50 million deal for Sanchez, and Bayern Munich isn’t buying that. They doubt that Sanchez is worth that much.

Alexis Sanchez to Leave Arsenal After Confederations Cup

On the other hand, Claudio Bravo believes that Sanchez is a perfect addition to Manchester City. Bravo added that Sanchez is an incredible player inside his football club and outside for the national team.

During the press conference for the Confederations Cup, Sanchez confirmed his decision, but he refused to give out the details. Arsenal will be offering him £300,000 per week payment to play for the Emirates, but there are still no updates on it as Sanchez is busy with Chile for the international cup.

Juan Antonio Pizzi, Sanchez’ manager, stated that the Arsenal striker is a good catch to any football clubs. The Arsenal is yet to release an official statement regarding Sanchez’ contract renewal.

Additionally, Sanchez said that he is focusing on finishing the Confederations Cup before releasing any statement about his future. He only has a year left on his contract with Emirates.

28-year-old Alexis Sanchez has played 51 games for the Gunners and scored 30 goals during the last season. However, he was unable to help the Arsene Wenger qualify for the Premier League and the Champions League.

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