SFO Reviews Garcia Report, Finds New Information

SFO Reviews Garcia Report, Finds New Information

San Francisco, Calif. – The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) admitted that they are reviewing the Garcia Report after it spread like wildfire on Tuesday. They confirmed to have a new material against the biggest sports scandal in history.

The Garcia Report allegedly contains numerous breaches from different country bidders, leading to the controversial awarding of the World Cup events to Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022. Police are now searching for evidences of bribery and corruption within the FIFA bigwigs.

SFO stated that they are still in the process of creating their own investigation panel for other countries involved. They are also attempting to get a copy of the report written by Michael J Garcia three years ago. Garcia is a former chief investigator for FIFA. He wrote the infamous report three years ago.

SFO Reviews Garcia Report, Finds New Information

David Green, SFO Director, declined to confirm a possible money laundering case that may be filed against the involved FIFA officials. During the committee hearing, Green stated that the SFO is still looking into the possibility of filing a case. He added that there were evidences linking to Jack Warner, former FIFA Vice President. The team bidding for Australia allegedly paid £236,000.00 or 500,000 Australian dollars to influence Warner for the World Cup finals in 2022.

However, there are some people questioning the credibility of the report. Some are even saying that Australia is frying itself as it cooperated with SFO. These people, a source said, think that all of these are just part of a joke. But there is no doubt that this scandal has tainted Warner’s name even further.

Meanwhile, Green revealed that they have only assigned five individuals to review the 1,600 files given by the FIFA in connection with the Britain’s World Cup bid. He has also admitted that they are losing hope in requesting for a copy of the Garcia Report and are seeking aid from the FBI.

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