U.S. Soccer Team Likely to Qualify for the World Cup

U.S. Soccer Team Likely to Qualify for the World Cup

U.S.A. – Last year was a disaster for the US soccer team when they were on the brink of being counted from the World Cup. They lost the first two games in the final qualifying rounds, which was tainted with a shameful 4-0 flop against Costa Rica. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann was later fired because of that. The American team was in the last spot in the 6-team qualifying bracket.

But now, all is changed. The US is now very much certain that they will move forward in the finals. The US is currently in the third spot and the rest of their games appear to be advantageous for them, which gives them a little margin for error.

U.S. Soccer Team Likely to Qualify for the World Cup


The American team had an amazing run since the qualifying rounds in March. The national team has beaten Honduras at home. They got a point in their game against Panama. Finally, this month, the US won against the Trinidad team and scored a point against Mexico last Sunday.

Although Panama is trailing the United Sates with only just one point and Mexico and Costa Rica are at the top, avid US soccer fans can still relax because the next matches will be comparatively easier this coming fall. The home games will be against Panama and Costa Rica, which are not that easy but the US has the upper hand.

The games away from home can be very hard to win but the US team is only scheduled to play Trinidad and Honduras, the teams which are 6th and 5th in the six-team bracket. The US has no more matches against the top team Mexico. On the other hand, the trailing Panama team will be playing with the Mexicans on the way.

The backdoor will still be open for the national team if ever they finish fourth because of the qualifying playoff with an Asian fifth place team. When this happens, the three most likely teams that would face the US would be Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan, which are clearly underdogs when compared to the Americans.

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