Gulati: US Soccer Team Owes the Streak to Coach

Gulati: US Soccer Team Owes the Streak to Coach

MEXICO CITY – The US soccer team has successfully established a good sense of calm and are confident with their standing in the league.

This is thanks to Coach Bruce Arena, who has extinguished the frustrations from the reign of Coach Jurgen Klinsmann since last November.

Coming from the last onto the third in the finals round, the team is now more confident and the pressure from last year is no longer there. With their continuous winning streak this year, Coach Arena appears to have done a great job of calming things down.

Gulati: US Soccer Team Owes the Streak to Coach

US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati revealed on an interview on Tuesday that after the 1-1 draw against Mexico at Azteca Stadium, the team continue to win. Gulati that most of their success can be attributed to Arena, who has made positive changes that brought them to where they are.

Arena, 65, is included in the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame. He coached the US soccer team from 1998 to 2006. The most remarkable event in his coaching year was in 2002 when he led the US to the World Cup quarterfinals, their best victory since 1930.

After a bad performance last year, specifically the 4-0 loss in Costa Rica and the 2-1 home loss against Mexico, Coach Klinsmann was immediately kicked out. Then, when Arena joined the team, the glorious victories began to come, starting with the 6-0 triumph against Honduras. This continued with a 2-0 home win against Trinidad and Tobago in Colorado.

Gulati gave no comments about the difference between the recent and previous coaches. He thinks that it will not be appropriate to compare the two. However, he said that the team is comfortable with Bruce’s methods and coaching techniques. He also explained that the reason behind the better performance of the team this year is not just about one thing that Bruce is teaching, it is about all the little things which resulted in an overall change in their teamwork.

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