NSW Police: ANZ Stadium Is Safe; No Bomb Threats

NSW Police: ANZ Stadium Is Safe; No Bomb Threats

SYDNEY– Security personnel and police force have been increased in the ANZ Stadium for the match between Sydney FC clash and the soccer giant Liverpool of England yesterday.

According to the police, after the deadly bombing in the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last Monday, which is now confirmed as a terrorist attack, extra security personnel and police have been deployed in the ANZ Stadium and there were no reported incidents happened in the game.

Even though the ANZ Stadium hasn’t received any terrorist threats or anything alike, the police still decided to heighten the security in the game yesterday night. They conducted several security measures and preventive plans with the coordination of the agencies and the organizers in order to make sure that the match will be safe.

According to the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller when he was interviewed before the match started, he had already ordered the commander and his team to make the necessary actions in the area. The commander assured him that everything is being looked at, especially the threats, which is the usual protocol.

NSW Police: ANZ Stadium Is Safe; No Bomb Threats

He said that the increase in the number of police in the ANZ Stadium is only for the people to feel safer.

Meanwhile, everyone in the stadium was advised to stay alert for any signs of threat and report it to the police right away if they encountered anything odd or wrong.

In an interview, according to the NSW police, the fans and community must not be afraid and continue to live their normal lives.

Meanwhile, the bomber in the Arian Grande Concert in Manchester last Monday was already identified. He is a British named Salman Abedi who is 22 years old. The Manchester incident claimed the lives of 22 people and wounded more than 50 civilians. The majority of the fans who attended the concert were teenagers.

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