Connor McGregor fight at Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid are looking into a UFC event in the near future and want fighting star Conor McGregor to be the main man of it.

UFC 204 was such a success in Manchester they’ve decided they want to get it going global, and where else better to start that than Madrid.

Real Madrid spokesperson thought it would be good to host the next UFC event as its stadium can hold more than 80,000 fans, which is more than the average amount to go watch. The event is rumoured to take place in May – July when the football season is off but they stated they would need suitable time to get the event organised.

Conor is currently the featherweight champion but his next challenge falls on the 12th of November where he will be facing E Alvarez for the lightweight belt taking place in New York.

Over the years McGregor has became increasing popular and also making the sport more popular, in the last 3 years hes sold more than 5 million pay per views.

It remains that McGregor will be taking time off from UFC and spending time with his family and living a normal life for a while.

It is supposed the UFC fighter will have an event at Real Madrid’s stadium the Bernabeu.

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