Formula 1 2017 first pre-season test highlights; Ferrari seems to catch up Mercedes

Formula 1 2017 first pre-season test

With the first pre-season Formula 1 test of 2017 over at Spain’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Lets’s take a look at the charts:

 Fastest Driver?

If considering the lap time, Mercedes and Ferrari topped the charts with Red Bull and Renault not far behind. Rest of the teams were not that bad as they completed in the following two seconds interval from the fastest Valtteri Bottas.

Which team covered more?

Team Mercedes’ second day on track with its new W08 machine covered the most. Coming in second Ferrari were way better compared to their last year’s form. Interestingly, American team Haas which is participating for the second year showcased masterclass skills as they edged out heavyweights like Red Bull and Renault. Good going America!

Wat about Straight-line speed?

Overall performance can surely be judged by the Lap times. However, it’s always amusing to keep a check on who is fastest through the speed trap. Ironically, three teams running on Ferrari-powered engines were the fastest before Ferrari.

Fastest Lap?

Mercedes’s new intake William’s Valtteri Bottas has taken over three world champion fellow teammate Lewis Hamilton. However, it’s a bit early to make solid conclusions about the relative pace of Pirelli’s 2017 tyre compounds, especially as the hard and ultrasoft got only insignificant running in Spain, but first demonstrations suggest a potentially smaller changes between the three quickest rubber types.

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