NASCAR legend Richard Petty disappointed over Earnhardt Jr.’ return to racing


Fourteen times ‘Most Popular Driver Award’ winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. is returning to the NASCAR grid at Daytona for the first time since his season-ending concussion in July 2016. Earnhardt Jr. was given the green flag by the doctors for the 2017 NASCAR season in December after a test drive at Darlington Raceway.

While fans are going berserk by the news of Junior back at Daytona, former champ Richard Petty a.k.a ‘the king’ scrutinizes the step by Earnhardt Jr. as his body might not have fully recovered by the previous concussions.

Following this week’ FS1’s show, NASCAR Race Hub, the racing titan, and seven times NASCAR Championship winner Richard Petty spoke his mind.

Petty believes Dale Earnhardt Jr. should wait for a year more before jumping to get back behind the wheel.

The 42-year-old Earnhardt Jr had suffered multiple concussions in his career; Petty said Earnhardt Jr should walk away from racing (NASCAR) before it gets any worse because “he’s lived half his life and he doesn’t need to be messed up going to the next.

Petty said:

“I was a little disappointed that he did [decide to continue racing]. I just feel like he [Dale] got through with it [concusssions] two or three times, and he had some pretty big knocks in the head, I’ve had them too – I think I still live in one of them – but hitting mine was never that bad”.

Further, Petty pitched driver Carl Edwards’ name, who recently retired from the sport, saying he wanted to do so while he’s all well, among his various reasons.

Former great and currently an announcer for Fox NASCAR Jeff Gordon was also part of the discussion and said he had a chat with Earnhardt, who thanked his doctors for the comeback as they help him prepare to race and keep him in good shape.

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