Earnhardt Jr. Shares Sentiment on Trump Ban Via Controversial Tweet

Earnhardt Jr. Shares Sentiment on Trump Ban Via Controversial Tweet

PHOENIX,  Ariz. – Stock car racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins in on the list of people worldwide who strongly oppose the immigration ban that was recently put in place by President Donald Trump.

In a brief exchange with a random user on Twitter, Earnhardt Jr. explained how his family immigrated from Germany in the 1700s, mainly to escape religious persecution. He also reiterated the sentiment held by many about how America is created by immigrants.

Earnhardt Jr.’s small exchange sparked a lengthy debate among other users. While some were in agreement with his statements, others expressed sentiments from the other side of the fence, stating that those who are residing in the United States via illegal means are the ones who should be banned.

President Trump’s anti-immigration stance has been prominent during his campaign period. Since the announcement of his victory in November, incidents involving racism against Muslims have been on the rise.

On January 27, President Trump signed the Executive Order that imposes a three-month ban on individuals from seven Muslim-majority nations, namely Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia mainly for terrorism concerns. The said ban would not only affect illegal immigrants, but also those who are legally residing in the country via green cards, or those who are visiting and hold US visas.

From his end, Earnhardt Jr. reiterated that he wasn’t trying to inject into a political conversation. In another report, the 42-year-old racer says he was simply showing compassion towards the Twitter user he responded to, whom he claims “needed somebody.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been known to be vocal about his political sentiments in the past. In 2015, he supported the ban of the Confederate flag in South Carolina, calling it “offensive to an entire race.”

Given the number of notable figures conveying their messages of disapproval on President Trump’s immigration ban, does Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s recent sentiments bear enough weight to at least be a step closer to reversing the said order?

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