New technology will help doctors treat F1 driver concussion after accidents


Formula 1 is one of the most life-threatening sports out there. Driver concussion after an accident in F1 is a dangerous condition. Several leading drivers have suffered from it following high-speed mishaps like Felipe Massa in 2009 and Fernando Alonso, who experienced “temporary memory” loss in 2015.

The subject was discussed at the recent FIA medical summit in Vienna. The event highlighted evidence that a new quick response technology will help doctors with their task of identifying and dealing with the condition of the driver.

Concussion, a.k.a mild traumatic brain injury arise when Formula 1 drivers get involved in crashes and other incidents. Force India’s Sergio Perez and McLaren’s Alonso were diagnosed with mild TBI during their F1 careers. As a result, they were forced to drop races.

According to the FIA’s International Journal of Motor Sports Medicine, a new technology could help doctors diagnose a concussion with a greater accuracy just a few minutes after the driver meets an accident.

Integrated Goggles to help drivers come back their senses after an accident

During the discussion on concussion in motorsport at the FIA summit, the Motor Sports Director at the Sports Medicine Concussion Center of the University of Miami introduced the I-Portal PAS. Moreover, Portable Assessment System is an integrated head-mounted display and eye-tracking goggles. The device can examine eye movement to help diagnose the concussion.

More or less, the goggles are a smaller, portable version of the early technology. Previously, It consisted a large chair and moving objects that drivers had to focus on. The I-Portal PAS goggles will come handy anywhere, including race tracks. Amazingly, the test takes just five minutes to process. The key feature of the device is to provide objective quantification to diagnose the concussion on the spot.

Speaking on the instrument, professor Steve Olvey, the Motor Sports Director said: “It’s the next thing. It is going to replace all other tests or maybe go in tandem with them. You could use it on site in just five minutes, and you’d have your diagnosis”.

Take a look at how dangerous this sport can get:




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