Lewis Hamilton says he felt ‘disrespected’ by certain individuals at Abu Dhabi finale

Lewis Hamilton has asserted he was treated ‘disrespectfully’ by his Mercedes team in the final race of the season. Hamilton lost the world championship to his teammate Nico Rosberg in controversial situations at this race.

The British driver was blamed for causing ‘Anarchy’ by team chief Toto Wolff. Moreover, Toto’s remarked such, due to Hamilton’s act for spurning instructions to speed up in Abu Dhabi and pursuing to shove Rosberg into the rest of the field.

Hamilton, who ended up winning the race but lost the title by five points. Afterward, he said: ‘That was one of many uncomfortable moments of the year.’ Ultimately seeing what had been said after the race, I felt quite disrespected by the individuals who had spoken. You don’t expect that from those who are leading so many people. Have the circumstances been resolved? ‘No, it hasn’t.’

The Mail on Sunday has reported Hamilton avoided anything more than minimal eye contact with Wolff at the recent FIA gala dinner in Vienna. Furthermore, Rosberg was presented with his trophy in the event. Hamilton turned up to the team party at Milton Keynes Dons, though his stay was to a great degree brief.

History repeats itself. Team-mates turned foes?

In an interview with Channel 4, Hamilton took a jab at Rosberg.


Hamilton implied Rosberg had worked with a sports psychologist.

‘In my whole race career I have never had to work with a mental coach,’ Hamilton said. ‘I find my methods. I take it as a compliment that he was throwing everything even the toilet seat at it. Lewis told to consider other sports, where people know if they have to go up against Tiger Woods or  Serena Williams, they have to uplift their games.

Rosberg, who retired just five days after winning the No.1 title said sarcastically: ‘OK, so he felt disrespected. OK, that’s a new one.’

Mercedes are trying to get at peace with Hamilton. Moreover, Wolff has publicly taken back his ‘Anarchy’ comments in Abu Dhabi, saying the team was wrong to tell Hamilton to speed up.

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