Williams open to let go Valtteri Bottas to join Mercedes

Williams is getting ready to release Valtteri Bottas to be part of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate in 2017.

Mercedes want the Finnish Driver (27) to take the place of Nico Rosberg. Owing to the retirement of Nico after winning the world title last month.

Claire Williams, Deputy team principal of Williams, told BBC Sport that they would let Bottas go when an experienced, credible alternative is available.

Claire indicated Brazilian Felipe Massa could join them, although he retired at the end of this season.

Williams has always known Valtteri is one of the sport’s key talents. Additionally, are proud that the championship leaders recognize this.

However, Williams has its ambitions, and we must always make sure we give our team the best opportunity to move forward. Any changes will only be taken if Williams remains in a strong position to compete and evolve in 2017.

Is it a tug of war between the two auto giants for Bottas?

She continued by saying that If Williams did allow Valtteri to vacate, we would only do this if an experienced, credible alternative is available. Notably, someone like Felipe Massa.

Williams, who stood fifth in the championship in 2016, have refused Mercedes’ first offer for Bottas, but talks are ongoing.

The team is playing hardball with Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff. Moreover, he is in an awkward position having to find a team-mate for Hamilton when all the big names are under contract.

However, it is a touchy circumstance since Williams utilizes Mercedes engine.Henceforth, need to keep a good relationship with the German manufacturer.

As Mercedes have expressed an interest; anBottas is eager to take up the golden opportunity to join a front-running team.

Mercedes said on Thursday that they would not make a declaration on Rosberg’s replacement until at least 3 January.

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