Record breaking overtakes in Formula 1 by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen

Record breaking overtakes in Formula 1 by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen completed the most overtakes in a single season of Formula 1. 

The 19-year-old Dutch driver took 78 passes over the course of the 21-race campaign.  F1 tire supplier Pirelli reported this to be the highest value recorded Since the data was first available more than 30 years ago.

18 overtakes in the opening four races of the season while driving for Toro Rosso. Another 60 driving for Red Bull across 17 Grand Prix.

Where do other racers stand?

Meanwhile, Briton’s Lewis Hamilton recorded the most overtakes during a single race in 2016. He started from last and finished seventh, completing 18 passes in the process. This Contributed to the total of 128 overtakes at the Chinese GP. On the contrary, Hungary recorded the fewest overtakes of the season at just ten.

Sebastian Vettel proved to be the least overtaken driver, having been passed just once – by Verstappen in Brazil.

As a team, Mercedes were the least overtaken at seven. Team Red Bull did the most overtaking with a total of 136 successful passes (61 by Daniel Ricciardo, 60 by Max Verstappen, 15 by Daniil Kvyat). 866 overtakes during the entire 21-race season were calculated.

Verstappen admitted during his 2015 rookie season that practicing overtaking moves on a computer simulation has helped his attack on track.

2016 season included Verstappen’s  maiden F1 win Which happened in the first weekend with Red Bull in Spain. Verstappen concluded: “I’m pretty confident.” He didn’t expect the season to go like this And that he would be at Red Bull and win a race and create such memorable tracks as well.

How overtaking moves are evaluated: an overtaking maneuver is considered one that takes place during complete flying laps. Which is then maintained all the way to the lap’s finish line? Position changes due to major mechanical problems and lapping/unlapping are discarded.


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