Satterfield to Mold Cardinals with “High Integrity and Character”

Satterfield to Mold Cardinals with "High Integrity and Character"

Scott Satterfield has disclosed two of his agenda as he is appointed as the new head football coach of the University of Louisville’s Cardinals football team.

As he accepted his new responsibility this week, Satterfield initially expressed how grateful he is to be hired as the coach of the Cardinals.

He thanked the University of Louisville Athletic Association’s athletic director, Vincent Tyra, for being instrumental in unanimously approving his appointment for the important post.

Satterfield inked a six-year agreement with the University of Louisville Athletic Association which is worth $3.25 million per year.

This contract includes a $1.625-million base annual salary. For media obligations, Satterfield will also receive an additional $1.625 million.

The 45-year-old former coach of the Appalachian State University’s Mountaineers said that he has two pressing responsibilities as the new coach of the Louisville team.

One of them is to develop young men into persons with “high integrity and character.” Satterfield emphasized the moral responsibility he now possesses in guiding his new team and transforming them into valuable components of the society.

The Hillsborough, North Carolina native would like the supporters of the University of Louisville Cardinals to feel pride for their team both on and off the football field.

Secondary to Satterfield’s mission is to turn the young athletes into hardworking members of the University of Louisville football team, zealous in winning matches.

Following a 2-8 start to season five of his second spell as the Cardinals head coach, Robert Petrino was terminated from his job on November 11.

Satterfield replaced him as well as interim coach, Lorenzo Ward who led the Cardinals to defeat in the last two games.

During his stint as the head coach of the Appalachian State University’s Mountaineers, Satterfield steered his former team towards accomplishing three Sun Belt Conference titles and three consecutive bowl victories from 2014 to 2016.

Spending six seasons at the North Carolina-based public university, the physical education graduate of the Appalachian State University guided his former team towards a 51-24 record.

Satterfield gained public regard for inculcating hard-nosed game plans, top-notch defense, and effective running strategies to his team members.

As he embraces his new coaching responsibility, the new Cardinals coach is expected to breathe new life into his team and direct them towards better performances in their next football games.

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