Valencia And West Ranch Will Come Face-To-Face In Foothill League

Valencia And West Ranch Will Come Face-To-Face In Foothill League

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – Jordyn McBride will be representing West Ranch High School against Brenna Whelan and Jennifer Shin from Valencia College in the Foothill League playoffs in the California Interscholastic Federation section for the singles category.

McBride was not lucky to land the win in the Foothill League singles finals last year when she was still a freshman. Now in her sophomore year, she is given a new chance to take it all back. She admitted that last year was not the best tennis she has played.

However, she has gotten past the trial, furthering that she was pretty sure that the other team felt the same way about how they played despite the other team’s victory. Despite last year’s loss, McBride thought the game was a whole lot of fun.

Meanwhile, in the Valencia College, Amanda Tabanera and Carlotta Nonnis Marzano will be the lucky fellows to represent their schools in the Foothill League playoffs for the doubles category.

Valencia And West Ranch Will Come Face-To-Face In Foothill League

For a long while, Marzano and Tabanera had served as one of Valencia College’s best singles players. Although, the institution thought that pairing them was what landed them a place as representatives for the Foothill League playoffs.

Tabanera admitted that she and Marzano made a pretty good team because they both use the same style in tennis. She furthered that since they both have different strengths, the two of them playing together gives out a stronger gameplay.

They have already played as doubles before, but they ended up losing three games because they treated each other as partners with different perspective and outlook on the game.

Marzano stated that the two of them has two think as if they only had one brain to play as a doubles team effectively. They had to be one and united to make the tactic work.

She also furthered that other teams were devastated with each other when they lose. She explained that when one play as a doubles team, there is no blaming the other party for it.

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