Fans Asks For Refund As Joshua Backs Out Of Match

Fans Asks For Refund As Joshua Backs Out Of Match

LONDON, England – People have been waiting for the fight of Kubrat Pulev and Anthony Joshua that they even bought a slot for the pay-per-view system of the Sky Movies Box Office. However, their dream of watching the match had just been crashed as Joshua decided to cancel out the fight due to his shoulder injury.

As soon as the promoters found out, they immediately set out to find another opponent for Pulev. They tipped off Carlos Takam to be Pulev’s match. It was not long before they got into terms. Takam looked forward to the match, but Joshua’s fans did not return the same sentiment.

They want a refund for the ticket amounting to £19.95 that they paid for the pay-per-view channel. Tom Allen, who was a former Heavyweight champion, had something to say about the matter. He wrote on a social media post saying that the events are no longer in Joshua’s hands, but suggested that he should offer a refund for people who have already paid for the fight.

Fans Asks For Refund As Joshua Backs Out Of Match

Even Porky Russ butted into the issue questioning why Joshua gets to garner a new set of £20 million while his fans could not even get a refund for what they paid for.

There is no news about whether or not they are actually going to let people get a refund, but Joshua did clarify the reason why he backed out of the match. Joshua stated that he is not the kind of person who is just going to let himself get knocked down without a good fight,

In addition, Joshua furthered that he might as well defend his titles for a short time rather than forcefully fight for a new title that can possibly cost him his other belts. Joshua also reiterated that the possibility to lose because of a shoulder injury that he could have just waited to heal is high.

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