Miguel Cotto To Defend His Title For The Last Time

Miguel Cotto To Defend His Title For The Last Time

BRISTOL, Conn. – This was not the first time that Miguel Cotto, the Junior middleweight champion and a boxing legend to Puerto Ricans, said that 2017 would be the last time that he will be active as a boxer.

Cotto mentioned it many times before, but this is the first time that he actually set a date for it. His final day as an active boxer will be on December 2, 2017, as was announced at a Madison Square Garden event and televised on HBO. He already had a deal with Sadam Ali, although that deal has not been signed yet.

“The fight has been agreed to verbally,” Eric Gomez,the Golden Boy Promotions President,stated in an interview with ESPN on Tuesday. “We’re working on the contracts now, and we’ll be making an official announcement shortly.”

Golden Boy is the promoter of Miguel Cotto, along with other big name fighters like Ali Muhammad. Gomez also said that his company tried to pair Cotto to bigger named fighters, but for some apparent reasons, the deal was impossible.

Miguel Cotto To Defend His Title For The Last Time

Miguel Cotto who is about to turn 37 years old this coming October 29 is the first Puerto Rican or probably the single one who has ever won world titles in all the four weight categories.

Cotto has become inactive for 2 years ever since he lost his middleweight title to Canelo Alvarez due to unanimous decision dating November 2015. He came back last August 26, defeating Yoshihiro Kamegai, garnering himself another junior middleweight title.

Cotto originally wanted to fight with the winner of the match between Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, but their fight resulted in a disputed draw, and now they have to do a rematch.

Instead of waiting for either of them, Cotto decided to fight against Ali. “I will have the last fight of my career in December,” Cotto exclaimed.

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