Newport Beach Denies Triathlon Organizers’ Special Permit Request

Newport Beach Denies Triathlon Organizers’ Special Permit Request

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – The scheduled 39th Newport Beach Triathlon activity failed to secure a special permit for the October 1 event, causing the organizers to cancel it and other events connected to it.

Jack Caress, one of the organizers of the triathlon, made the announcement in their official website. He also founded the producer of the activity, the Pacific Sports LLC. He stated that they are doing their best to submit an appeal on the initial decision to the authorities.

California has been hosting the event since 1978, except in 2006 when it was cancelled because of traffic concerns and simultaneous community events. It was supposed to be named Kring and Chung Newport Beach Triathlon, after the name of the law firm sponsor.

Newport Beach Denies Triathlon Organizers’ Special Permit Request

The swim-cycle-run activity was allowed in 2007 after numerous meetings with the city government to plan on the new routes. The organizers might have the same issue after 10 years.

Tara Finnigan, the city’s spokesperson, stated that the requirements submitted to their office were incomplete, thus leading them to deny the request. It led to multiple meetings among the organizers and the officials from the city government before it was finally denied. She acknowledged the fact that the city has been hosting the event for almost 50 years, and that the issues will be resolved immediately.

The annual event supports the funding of the University of California (UC) Irvine Foundation, specifically the Men’s and Women’s Rowing Teams.

According to the schedule, the event would be held at the Back Bay. The race would start at 7 am for the adults, and estimated 8 am for the young participants.

The refunds decision regarding the denial would depend on how long it would take for the appeals to be processed. Participation fee starts at $115 for adults. An average of 700 to 800 triathletes join the Newport Beach Triathlon every year.

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