NASCAR Has No Documented Policy on National Anthem

NASCAR Has No Documented Policy on National Anthem

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – NASCAR expressed its disagreement with other sports franchises about the paying of respect to the national anthem, but the auto-racing institution does not have a documented policy about it.

The news would be a shock for President Donald Trump, who recently showered the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) with praises on Twitter.

The National Anthem Code (36 U.S. Code § 301) enumerated what people must do while “The Star Spangled Banner” is being played. However, it did not impose any federal punishment to those who choose not to follow.

Among the sports organizations in the country, only NBA and WNBA have implementing guidelines about it. This goes to show that respect to the flag during the ceremony in other sports such as baseball, hockey, soccer, and football would depend on the players.

NASCAR Has No Documented Policy on National Anthem

The U.S. Soccer Federation has an anthem rule, of which Major League Soccer does not follow. The National Hockey League would only depend on the individual’s own way of respecting the flag, with no plans of pushing it to the players.

The POTUS expressed that anyone who disrespects the ceremony must be sacked during a rally on Friday. His daily Twitter updates mainly contain statements of ‘disrespect’ to the flag. Everyone in sports, except NASCAR, continued to kneel down,and some didn’t even not show up during the flag ceremony in response to Trump’s tirade.

Richard Childress, a former car owner for Dale Earnhardt, allegedly threatened to send silent protesters home should they choose to disrespect the ritual. He added that everyone under his wing is required to respect the country.

Richard Petty, a NASCAR Hall of Famer, would also be firing people who will join the protest. He would go as far as deporting them if needed.

However, NASCAR itself did not confirm any policies regarding showing respect to the national anthem. The organization also stated that they have no plans of incorporating any rules related to it on their existing racing policies, as it is deemed unnecessary.

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