Michael Bisping Can’t Wait to Defend Title to ‘Fraud’ St-Pierre

Michael Bisping Can’t Wait to Defend Title to ‘Fraud’ St-Pierre

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Michael Bisping will be defending his middleweight title against the former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre for the UFC 217 main event on November 4, 2017.

The battle will be Michael Bisping’s second defense for his title that will be held at the Madison Square Garden arena. St-Pierre’s comeback game will be his first time in this weight division. Some fans are already placing their bets on the ‘Rush’ even if he is just the challenger.

Bisping, who is also known in the UFC world as ‘The Count,’ expressed his hunger to fight, regardless of the opponent. He expressed his frustration during an interview, most especially to those who talk trash about him because of his well-loved octagon challenger.

Michael Bisping Can’t Wait to Defend Title to ‘Fraud’ St-Pierre

However, the middleweight champion stated that he might consider retiring after the UFC 217 event. St-Pierre could be his last opponent after Bisping’s 14 years in the industry. If this would happen and Bisping maintains the belt, Robert Whittaker will be the successor of the middleweight belt. Whittaker is the UFC interim middleweight titleholder.

The retirement is not final yet, but Bisping would like to end his MMA career as a champ. He added that he could fight against St-Pierre even when he is already 50 years old, but what is important is the legacy that Bisping will be leaving in UFC.

The Count believes that the Rush is just being fed by the notion that he can outwrestle the champion. The champion thinks that this is St-Pierre’s strategy for a comeback because he thought Bisping was an easy prey. He added that Canada had regarded St-Pierre as a fraud champ.

Michael Bisping enforced that he will remind St-Pierre ‘why he retired’ in the first place. He believes that his opponent would question himself as to why he chose to make a comeback when it is not necessary. UFC 217 will definitely make it to the fighting history books.

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