National Geographic Live Stream: How to Watch Online without Cable

Launched 16 years ago, this channel focuses on nonfiction television. Their headquarters is in Washington DC and are owned by 21st Century Fox. They reach an impressive number of 86,144,000. Here is how you can watch National Geographic without cable

Watch National Geographic without Cable with FuboTV

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Fubo is an excellent way for you to enjoy National Geographic online in an affordable manner. You can pay $34.99 monthly and enjoy over 60 incredible channels. FOX and CBS are included in this generous package. There is a Cloud DVR service that allows you to record all of the shows that you need with no issues at all. You may need to share the experience with others. This could be family or friends. You can stream the same show on multiple devices at a time, which customers always love. The free trial has been designed for those who want to test the waters before they commit to the full subscription. We are pretty sure that you will love the service because so much effort has been put into making the experience unforgettable. If you are searching for a National Geographic live stream, you have found your best bet right here. Click here to try the 7-day free trial.

Here are some of the features Fubo offers:

How to redeem your 7-day FREE trial and watch:

  • Click here to sign up and launch your trial. You will need to enter your credit card information when signing up (you can cancel your subscription before the trial ends, you will NOT be charged.
  • If you are on a computer you can start watching as soon as you have finished signing up, you can also watch on all of your other devices such as tablet, mobile device, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and many others.

How to Watch National Geographic Online with SlingTV

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Sling TV has been at a high level for a long time. Whether you go for Sling Orange ($20 per month) Or Sling Blue ($25 per month) you’re going to love every minute the service! Sling Orange contains 28 live channels. Pay the extra $5 per month and you will have 43 channels instead of 28.  What a great deal! You can enjoy your National Geographic live stream for a small price and the benefits are endless. If you have family or friends, they may want to watch games too. Due to Sling allowing you to watch shows on multiple devices, everyone can enjoy Sling’s excellence. If circumstances mean that you are going to miss a show, do not worry. The Cloud DVR service will record whatever you need. Click here to start your free 7-day trial (you can cancel anytime)

Here are some of SlingTV’s features:

  • Offers over 40 channels, dependent on local channels available in your region.
  • Pricing will be 25$ per month
  • You are able to watch on three devices at a time (Yes, that was not a typo!)
  • 50 hours of CloudDVR recording will cost you 5$ per month EXTRA!
  • They provide a 7-day free trial (which you can cancel anytime) Click here to start it!

Watch National Geographic Live Stream with PSVue

PSVue are another source. For $39.99, you will be entitled to the Access Package. You can watch shows from the comfort of your mobile device or laptop, which is absolutely ideal when you’re on the go. If you have been looking for an affordable yet impressive form of streaming, you have come to the right place. Any of the websites that we have mentioned will get the job done for you easily. You can now watch your National Geographic live stream with ease! You can enjoy a generous 28 days of unlimited cloud saves so you can record every show that you watch. Take advantage of this! PSVue is available on many devices, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue using the service.

Below are some of the features PSVue Offers their customers:

  • $39.99 per month
  • Access Package
  • 5-day trial
  • Use on multiple devices
  • 60 channels
  • Cloud DVR