Marcus Mariota Back at the Titan’s Preseason Opener at NY Jets

Marcus Mariota Back at the Titan’s Preseason Opener at NY Jets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Marcus Mariota will be back on Saturday night during the preseason opener by the Tennessee Titans at the New York Jets.

The preseason opener will mark Mariota’s first game since the loss of the Titans against Jacksonville last Christmas Eve where the athlete broke his right leg. While the length of time for the quarterback to play is yet to be determined, the game will surely be a way for him to eventually go back to playing in peak condition.

Mike Mularkey, the Titan’s coach, said that the personnel meeting on Thursday would determine how long Mariota will play during the game. He also added that it is more important that the quarterback get in the real game but not face against the rush of the opponents where he can get hit.

Marcus Mariota Back at the Titan’s Preseason Opener at NY Jets

After practice Monday night, the coach said that the other team is allowed to get close to him but were given instructions not to make physical contact with him no matter what happens. He also joked about having another reason for letting Mariota play. Mularkey added that he doesn’t want to see what Mariota would do if ever he told him he couldn’t play.

There were no issues with Mariota when it comes to running during the training camp on Monday night where he was also able to execute a read option run and a rare play.

His teammates have also marveled about Mariota’s recovery. Delanie Walker, the team’s tight end, said that Mariota looked like his old self when they watched the film. The speed of the quarterback was there, and he looks good, but, what the team wants is to keep him healthy the whole year, and that includes letting him run.

On the other hand, the running back DeMarco Murray has also been sidelined after since Wednesday after tweaking his hamstring. The Titan’s coach said that the team would also be careful with Murray.

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