Ryan Preece Is Proud of His Modified Tour

Ryan Preece Is Proud of His Modified Tour

THOMPSON – Ryan Preece, the former racer of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, has been slowing down on the fast lane when he rejoined the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at the end of 2016. He is now racing on the short tracks of Connecticut, which he had already conquered before, leaving the national series and the spotlight.

This situation can be very difficult for most racers but Preece is treating this as an opportunity to gain more victories. Last Wednesday, he notched his second title from 3 races in Thompson 125.

So far, his performance this year has been impeccable. The driver from Berlin is still racing with the No. 6 Modified for Eddie Partridge which he used to win several events before joining Xfinity. This time, however, it was a different kind of pride for the talented driver.

Ryan Preece Is Proud of His Modified Tour

According to Preece, the best thing about this experience is that even though he is not using his family’s car but one from Connie and Eddie, he is still winning together with his father.

He explained that it is a rare experience to win racing championships with his father and not all racers get to experience that. He also said that while his hard work for all those years has been paying off, he finally realized that he has to take control, which is why he headed back north.

Preece is now racing with his own Modified and is even the one fixing it, thanks to Eddie Patridge who gave him the opportunity to do so. Last Wednesday, when Preece broke the drivetrain in a practice, he was the one who crawled under the vehicle and fixed it.

However, with this kind of situation, Preece is losing a lot of time and effort in the race, especially when compared to his career with the Xfinity Series. He was second to arrive in the pit on lap 82 but he departed as 12th. It took him 26 laps in order to reach the lead, passing the Icebreaker winner Rowan Pennink who has old tires as he pits at the 51st lap.

Preece said that he is not disappointed with his crew because they did their best. He also said that he couldn’t ask for more as long as the car moves forward and it is in good condition.

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