FuboTV Offers 40% on their Premier Package

FuboTV Offers Big Discounts for Premier Package

Nowadays, watching television shows (and even movies) over the internet has become a norm. With this, a lot of streaming services have emerged, with various options for access available.

Some streaming services offer limited content and does not cater every watcher’s preferences. Some offer a lot of content but are too expensive and not really worth the trouble.

FuboTV is one the streaming services that offer a lot of options with great promotional offers!

Welcome to FuboTV

FuboTV is an online streaming service that you can access using any streaming devices or players. FuboTV offers more than 70 channel line ups. Among these channels are NBA TV, SyFy, National Geographic, Bein Sports, Fuse, FOX Networks, and NBC Universal, to name a few.

FuboTV is fast becoming a popular name in streaming services, particularly among sports fans, since you can watch tons of prominent sports events. FuboTV’s channel lineup includes dozens of sports channels.

Premier Package Promotion

FuboTV is now in partnership with BeIN Sports to offer a promotion so you can avail of the Premier package. BeIN offers a global network of channels catering to sports events. The Premier package includes FuboTV‘s channel lineup, plus BeIN sports’ channel offerings.

The Premier package usually costs $34.99 per month, with no contract. This means you don’t have to avail of a 12-month subscription or anything similar to that. You can enjoy the flexibility of a per-month subscription package.

With the fuboTV plus BeIN sports partnership, you can enjoy a 40% discount for two months upon availing of the Premier package. From now until June 23, 2017, you can avail of the Premier package for only $20!

Big Discounts with Great Service

The $20-offer for two months of the Premier package service is a great steal. Avail of the fuboTV plus BeIN sports Premier package with 40% off for the first two months to start watching sports events and more!

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