Gwen Berry, Noah Lyles sets new World Indoor Records

Gwen Berry

Gwen Berry surpassed the world indoor record in the women’s weight throw while Noah Lyles overturned the 300-meter mark in the USA Track & Field Indoor Championships.

Berry threw the 20-pound weight 84 feet, and Lyles completed the course in 31.87 seconds, he was pushed throughout the race by Paul Dedewo who came second.

27-year-old Berry earned her way into the 2016 U.S. Olympic team in the hammer throw but was expelled for three months for using an asthma medication, and her American record was stripped.

Berry said that it[suspension] brought her to tears as her old teammate brought it up. She cried for a second because she has really been through a lot. She pondered that it’s just like in life, you go through a lot of things, but what defines you is if you fight back.

Losing the record just made Berry work harder, even though a back injury a month ago almost washed away her efforts.

Speaking of the injury, Berry said that she really injured herself pretty bad four weeks ago. And two weeks ago, she wasn’t even going to come. Also, she had the title snatched away from her, but she didn’t give up. And she is here now with a world record. She concluded by saying that “you just have to keep fighting. That’s what my coach has been preaching to me.”

19-year-old Noah Lyles outran Dedewo by just 0.05 seconds.

Lyles said that he basically wanted to make it just like the prelims and get out hard. Stay out. He had a great guy out in lane six [Dedewo]. He truly wanted to pass Dedewo the first chance he got. However, Dedewo just got out and Lyles used that to sweep him along. He was definitely trying to battle Dedewo but he wasn’t letting go. Lyles admitted that he was glad Dedewo didn’t let go because if he had let go, Lyles wouldn’t have gotten that world record.




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