Coach Eddie Olczyk Has Been Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Coach Eddie Olczyk Has Been Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

NEW YORK, NY – The former forward NHL player and now a coach, Eddie Olczyk will undergo advance treatments after diagnosing with colon cancer.

The Chicago Blackhawks Physician, Dr. Michael Terry said that Olczyk had a surgery last week and further treatments must be done in the coming weeks. This includes the chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells in Olczyk’s body.

The Chicago Blackhawks and NBC analyst is positive that he will go back to the broadcasting booth after the treatment. He said in an interview that he’s certain on a fast recovery because he’s with outstanding health care experts brought by Chicago Blackhawks.

He also extended his gratitude towards his family, friends, fans, Chicago Blackhawks organization and NBC for the overwhelming support and words of encouragement. He added that it helps a lot as it becomes the source of his strength to beat the cancer.

Coach Eddie Olczyk Has Been Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

The Chicago Blackhawks CEO, John McDonough, released a statement about Olczyk situation. He said Olczyk is a valuable member of the organization and a family to him. The CEO promised that they will always be there on Olczyk side until he overcomes the disease.

The CEO also requested Olczyk’s fans to remember the analyst in their prayers and do not forget to extend their support by sending words of encouragement.

Eddie Olczyk started his fame when he won the Stanley Cup in 1994 during his Rangers time. The current lead color analyst for the Blackhawks and NBC garnered 18 goals and 40 points out of 103 games when he was still with the Rangers from 1992 to 1995

The Chicago Blackhawks analyst also scored 342 goals and 794 points out of 1,031 National Hockey League games.  He was also the first NHL coach of Sidney Crosby but later Penguins shot him with 31 games during 2005 – 2006 season.

Eddie will turn 51 on August 16 and he is very positive that he will go back to broadcast booth after finishing the treatment.

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