Penguins Eye Matt Duchene, Thornton Talks to Kings

Penguins Eye Matt Duchene, Thornton Talks to Kings

New York City, New York – Defending Champion Pittsburgh Penguins expressed their interest in getting Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche’s center. NHL franchises have started to shape up their teams as some players will become free agents this coming 2017-18 season.

Elliot Friedman, NHL Network’s anchor for NHL Tonight, reported of a possible trade for Matt Duchene to strengthen the Penguins’ powerful force in the next season. He said the the Penguins have been interested with Duchene since last year and has repeated his name many times during the draft talks.

This move is for the Penguins to compensate with its 4 players who will soon be free agents. The back-to-back champions will have Chris Kunitz (forward), Nick Bonino (center), Trevor Daley (defense), and Ron Hainsey (defense) unrestricted effective July 1, 2017.

Penguins Eye Matt Duchene, Thornton Talks to Kings

Duchene has been with the Penguins since he was picked during the draft in 2009. In his 572 games, he boasts of 174 goals with 244 assists. He has 2 years left with his Avalanche contract, and Penguins have to dish out $6 million if it will push through with its plan.

Meanwhile, Joe Thornton is having talks with the Los Angeles Kings for a possible transfer before the start of the next NHL season. It is alleged that he is using his connections inside the Kings’ lair. General Manager Rob Blake was his playmate in 2008, while Mike O’Connell was the GM during Thornton’s Bruins stint.

Thornton has been playing for the San Jose Sharks for 12 years now. He had undergone ACL and MCL surgeries just this April but he has started preparing for the next season.He will be a free agent effective July 1, 2017.

There will be a dramatic player reshuffle before the opening of the incoming season and analysts cannot wait to see the results. Nonetheless, Matt Duchene and Joe Thornton will still play against each other.

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