Expansion Draft and Awards Show in Vegas

Expansion Draft and Awards Show in Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – The National Hockey Leagues’ annual postseason awards is now being held in Vegas. The league is expected to reveal the list of players that will be added to the roster of the Golden Knights for the expansion franchise.

Vegas has been hosting the event for several years, and is known for its great presentation which includes red carpet welcome and a week of party in the city.

This time, however, the Knights are on the spotlight by achieving a major objective—becoming the league’s 31st franchise.

The event is expected to be much more fun as the awarding and the announcement of the expansion draft will both be showcased. Plus, the fans in Vegas are excited to welcome their first major pro sports team.

Expansion Draft and Awards Show in Vegas

T-Mobile Arena will be filled with thousands of fans as they celebrate the acquisition of new players to add to the knights’ roster and welcome the city’s team.

According to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, the event in Vegas will be two-in-one and therefore, it is special. He said that the league wants to do something uncommon like today’s occasion to make the fans happy, especially the ones in Vegas.

As for the impact of the expansion draft to the league, it is expected to give a major blow to the other teams. It is expected that the Knights will be announcing major names in the league which will surely decrease the firepower of other teams.

According to Boston forward Patrice Bergeron who is now in Vegas to attend the event, there are great talks going on about the award but expansion draft is getting more attention. He said that this year’s awarding is more fun because of the excitement about the expansion draft.

Bill Foley, the owner of Las Vegas’ Knights, has paid an astonishing 500 million dollars for the fee in expanding and owning a franchise in the NHL. The league has structured the draft process in a way that Vegas will get a chance to recruit good players from the rest of the teams.

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