Predators See Nashville as a Success in the NHL Playoffs

Predators See Nashville as a Success in the NHL Playoffs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The newest building in town is still under construction, but the entire vibe has turned into a feast as Predators’ supporters hang a Predator’s flag at the highest peak of the building.

Notably, this building is just a few blocks from the team’s Bridgestone Arena.

The city is filled with Blue and Gold everywhere you look, according to Sean Harry, Predators CEO and President. The preparation for the Predators’ game evokes a homecoming feel with festivities around.

The all-out support of the fans is immense since this is the first time that Predators has reached the Western Conference final with only two wins in reaching the Stanley Cup Final. It is indeed a Predators epidemic in town with celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban showing their support.

Ralph Schulz, Nashville Chamber of Commerce president and a season-ticket holder, remarked that the city has such a strong vibe and this makes the Predators fever contagious.

Predators See Nashville as a Success in the NHL Playoffs

You can surely witness the all-around passion for hockey and the support for Predators as people brag their jerseys. Everyone is expecting a massive wave of fans who will be watching Game 3. To handle the intense flow of the crowd, a huge screen had to be installed.

The chants all around and the enormous support of fans to Predators is no surprise as this was what they wanted after rallying to save the franchise ten years ago. Added to the intensity of support is the Predators’ postseason record of 10-3 which has been considered the best.

The city plaza cannot accommodate the coming of people who will be tuning in in the upcoming Game 3. Thus, something has to be done. Everyone is pretty excited as they chant in merriment along with a positive anticipation that Predators can get in this time, and eventually rise to the top.

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