Murray Pushed to Be a Go-Getter, Needs More Personality Development

Murray Pushed to Be a Go-Getter, Needs More Personality Development

Kyler Murray is a multi-sport athlete who excelled in both baseball and football.

Recently, he announced that he intends to focus on playing as a football quarterback for the rest of his sporting career.

Murray is the Heisman Trophy winner for 2018. His teammates at the University of Oklahoma’s Oklahoma Sooners football program clearly revered him for his prowess in the sport.

With his impressive athleticism, the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback is reported to be highly favored by Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury for the 2019 draft.

Todd McShay, ESPN’s football analyst, and commentator remarked that the 21-year-old’s playing style is appropriate for today’s National Football League (NFL).

He affirmed that although Murray possesses limited experience with merely 14 starts, he described the young quarterback as exceptional and the most athletic.

McShay furthered that Murray has outstanding speed and arm strength, making him capable of executing an extremely fast play.

This week, the highly-rated quarterback received NFL combine appraisal which may affect his prospects as a number 1 draft pick since it contained negative reviews.

Murray was criticized in terms of his leadership skills, board work, study habits, and his overall personality as a football quarterback.

He was compared to NFL A-listers like Brett Favre, Patrick Mahomes, Russell Westbrook, and Baker Mayfield.

Scot McCloughan, a longtime NFL executive, described the soft-spoken Murray during his interview with the media as terrible.

He said that in order to be a legitimate NFL quarterback, Murray has to possess excellent leadership skills, to be a go-getter, and to be “the guy in the locker room.”

McCloughan made a sharp jab on Murray’s personality, citing that it definitely needs improvement.

The 5-foot-10, 195-pound athlete may felt grilled with these evaluations but he will certainly carry on. On the ground, Murray scored 12 more times and rushed for 1,001 yards.

These statistics made for the second-best passer efficiency rating in the history of the Football Bowl Subdivision.

While completing 69 percent of his passes, he threw for 4,361 yards and accomplished 42 touchdowns.

Murray is scheduled to compete in a closed-to-the-public Oklahoma University pro day on March 13 at Norman, Oklahoma.

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