Coach and Co-Founder: Be Patient with 3-Week-Old Atlanta Legends

Coach and Co-Founder: Be Patient with 3-Week-Old Atlanta Legends

The incumbent head coach of the Atlanta Legends has spoken with regards to the massive criticism directed against his three-week-old football team.

Kevin Coyle announced that he is proud to be the coach of the “group of young men” and they are certainly doing their best to get off the ground.

He also described his team being imperfect just like the other squads. Plus, Coach Coyle mentioned that his players are giving all of their best shot.

He cited that he admires his team for being able to manage despite the adversities it is presently grappling against.

Hence, Coach Coyle said that he is not disappointed in the current status of the Atlanta Legends being at the bottom of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) when it comes to scoring.

The Atlanta Legends seem to be in an understandable situation. It is a new football team which was launched only this month as among the charter components of the AAF.

Coach Coyle’s team started to play on February 9, 2019. They conduct their home football matches at Georgia State Stadium situated on the campus of the Georgia State University.

On Sunday, the Birmingham Iron pummeled the fledgling Atlanta Legends in front of 10,717 spectators.

This match was the inaugural home game of Coach Coyle’s squad in which the final score was 28-12 in favour of Coach Tim Lewis’s team.

Coach Coyle’s team has been undergoing challenges of being a new football squad. Since its launching three weeks ago, it has been winless after participating in three games.

During their match against the Birmingham Iron, Atlanta Legends quarterback Matt Simms was cited as one problem for the team because of his reportedly poor execution, regularly turning the football over.

Hence, the fans loudly chanted to have him replaced with former University of Georgia standout Aaron Murray who was able to conjure an impressive college football career.

He threw for over 13,000 yards and 121 touchdowns. In addition, the Atlanta Legends has been troubled with coaching turnovers.

On January 9, head coach Brad Childress suddenly quit his post during training camp. He headed the coaching staff that comprised ex-Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick as offensive coordinator.

What followed was Vick’s astonishing resignation which happened only two days prior to the season.

Then, on Friday, more pressure bedevilled the Atlanta Legends as Coach Rich Bartel vacated his post due to personal grounds.

His exit transpired merely two days prior to the home opener of the Atlanta Legends on Sunday against the Birmingham Iron.

Besides Coach Coyle, AAF co-pioneer Bill Polian expressed optimism for the new football team.

He cited that it is their job to help the Atlanta Legends resolve their current issues and that they will definitely overcome them.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Legends will face-off against the Arizona Hotshots.

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