Neymar Misses Paris Saint-Germain, Team Carries On Winning Streaks

Neymar Misses Paris Saint-Germain, Team Carries On Winning Streaks

Paris Saint-Germain has confirmed that its power forward, Neymar, will not be able to play in the next seven weeks.

The football star has flown to Brazil to continue his rehabilitation for breaking the fifth metatarsal on his right foot.

The unfortunate situation transpired during Paris Saint-Germain’s Coupe de France match against Strasbourg on January 23.

Neymar, who just celebrated his 27th birthday earlier this month, had been receiving medical assistance in Paris and Barcelona.

Acclaimed Spanish surgeon, Dr. Ramón Cugat, had been taking care of the orthopedic procedures which Neymar required while in Europe.

Affirming that he was initially devastated and tearful, Neymar, nevertheless, remarked that he is optimistic and glad about the accelerated progress of his medical treatments.

He mentioned that he could not wait to play his passion again and, if Paris Saint-Germain advances, he would like to return for the quarterfinals of the Champions League in April.

In spite of the absence of the Brazilian football superstar, Paris Saint-Germain has been carrying on with its winning streaks lately.

On Tuesday, February 12, Manchester United bowed down to Thomas Tuchel’s group with the final score of 2-0.

In addition, on Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain captured the lone score against Saint-Étienne at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard.

Then, on Wednesday in their Le Parc des Princes home stadium in Paris, Neymar’s team pummeled Montpellier with the final score of 5-1 in favor of Paris Saint-Germain.

Coach Tuchel affirmed that his team certainly misses Neymar who is truly a key part of Paris Saint-Germain, but he cited that the “winner’s DNA” overrules the absences of injured players.

The 45-year-old German head coach shared that Paris Saint-Germain’s winning streaks emphasize on moving on and concentrating on the upcoming matches and challenges, rather than staying complacent by dwelling on recently concluded victories.

He said that they do not look “at the calendar and considers this or that game more or less important.”

Tuchel explained that in a football club like Paris Saint-Germain, they exist to achieve victories and to overcome whatever challenges that stand in their way, nothing less.

Their squad identity is indelible and their style is attacking play, he shared.

Tuchel noted that as a key component of Paris Saint-Germain’s DNA, they unstoppably create opportunities for their highly successful team with or without Neymar.

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