Eden Hazard Alleviates Coach’s Problem of Motivating Chelsea

Eden Hazard Alleviates Coach's Problem of Motivating Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri has recently expressed that he was having intense difficulties in motivating the players of the Chelsea Football Club.

The team was in limbo lately due to losing four times in 11 Premier League games. Sarri believed that the problem lies in Chelsea’s lack of the necessary enthusiasm to drive the squad to win.

The problematic Italian professional football coach also thought that another concern why Chelsea appeared to be a straggler could be his style of managing his team.

Adding to his downbeat sentiments was the unavailability of striker Gonzalo Higuaín who he was counting on to help defeat Tottenham Hotspur in today’s match.

Nonetheless, Thursday painted a rosy picture for Sarri as Chelsea secured its Wembley Stadium attendance in the Carabao Cup Finals on February 24 against its present champion, Manchester City.

The Premier League club manager has Eden Hazard to thank for. On Thursday’s game at Stamford Bridge, the midfielder helped his team overcome Tottenham on penalties.

The 28-year-old footballer struck the crucial second goal, and with the final score of 2-1 in favor of Chelsea, Hazard dispelled his coach’s lack of confidence in him.

Hazard exuded a calm feeling as he recently faced the criticism of his coach. He forthrightly expressed that he does not mind Sarri’s remarks regarding his performance.

The Belgian professional football player said that he is always concentrated on Chelsea and merely desires to give his best to it.

Meanwhile, Sarri felt comforted with the result of his team’s play against the Spurs. He was impressed with Hazard’s performance, citing that the midfielder “played a fantastic, wonderful match.”

The yearly Carabao Cup is organized by the English Football League. It is a knockout football contest in men’s domestic football in England.

According to news information from Chelsea’s official website, the team and Manchester City have never played against each other on a competitive finals game.

Last December 8, Chelsea defeated Manchester City in the Premier League match, 2-0 primarily through the contributions of centre back, David Luiz and defensive midfielder N’Golo Kante.

The two teams will play against each other on February 10 at the Etihad Stadium prior to their final face-off at the Wembley.

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