Rashan Gary Sets Up Agency to Give All Athletes a Bright Future

Rashan Gary Sets Up Agency to Give All Athletes a Bright Future

Rashan Gary has presented himself as a helpful figure today when the youth are struggling to find positive and inspirational personalities that could guide them with life’s challenges.

The University of Michigan student, who is currently playing as a defensive lineman for its Wolverines football program, communicates to his audience via Twitter in a motivational tone.

With the hashtags #InvestInYourself and #RashanAGarySports, he informed the public on January 5 that he formed Rashan Gary Sports.

He intends to help empower young athletes from all sports groups, including the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Hockey League (NHL).

Gary aims to selflessly serve others by giving support and providing direction to his fellow young athletes as he is about to begin his NFL career.

The 21-year-old New Jersey native has chosen to be bullish and to spread positive vibes, stating “Another day, another opportunity to get better at everything” on his Twitter post on Wednesday.

The 283-pound, six-foot-five-inches tall 2019 NFL draft prospect is well aware that playing football will not be his career forever.

Hence, Gary would like not only to secure his and his family’s financial future but also those of the athletes that he would be represented through his fledgling sports organization.

Based on the official website of Rashan Gary Sports, the organization offers four main services. One of them is business development which would encourage black athletes to engage in entrepreneurial endeavors.

The firm also helps in terms of the athletes’ sports contract negotiation. Moreover, Rashan Gary Sports also helps in terms of succession and transition planning.

Gary’s establishment is mindful of the pressing needs for sound mental health support of the athletes. Thus, he is also making his agency responsible for this important aspect.

Jennifer Coney-Shepherd, Gary’s mother, will serve as the president of the Rashan Gary Sports while he works as the CEO.

The sports organization already has one client: Montre Gregory. He is currently playing as a defensive back for Bowling Green State University’s Falcons football team.

As an athlete, Gregory is expected to benefit from Gary’s services, empowering him and augmenting his social and financial consciousness for the long-term.

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