Andrew Luck: Colts Can Win with Players’ Individual Contributions

Andrew Luck: Colts Can Win with Players’ Individual Contributions

The Indianapolis Colts will face off with the New York Giants on Sunday, December 23. Among the team’s hopeful contributor is Andrew Luck.

The football quarterback has expressed his passion to bring home the bacon on Sunday’s match at Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Stadium.

Football fans are expected to gather at the event as the two teams go head-to-head again.

The game has synergy with the National Football League (NFL) Championship which happened on December 28, 1958 at the Yankee Stadium in New York City.

The Giants (5-9) met the Colts (8-6) on what has been popularly known as the “Greatest Game Ever Played.”

This huge sporting event 60 years ago contributed to the massive popularity of the NFL.

Luck expressed his views regarding what he thinks is the most significant event happening this weekend which is to defeat the New York professional football team.

He cited that he has been a component of teams where teamwork is highlighted. Luck, however, pointed out that individual contribution is what is important in winning matches.

Luck was not able to play in one whole NFL season because he was recuperating from shoulder surgery.

Now that he is coming back, he is viewed as the apparent choice for the NFL’s comeback player of 2018.

Mark Maske, NFL writer for The Washington Post, wrote that Luck is on his way again to exuding the franchise quarterback aura which he was selected to be.

The Colts fate became uncertain due to Luck’s absence, he said. If the Indianapolis team wins on Sunday, it would mean that the team is back on its feet once again.

Dubbed as “The Comeback Kid,” Luck’s return appears to be better than what has been anticipated. With a completion rate of 67.3 percent, he is reckoned to be at a career high.

Moreover, in that bracket, he is six completions away from a career best. In order to surpass his past career pinnacles, Luck has to achieve seven touchdown passes and 810 yards as he joins the last two matches.

Colts head coach, Frank Reich, remarked that Luck is performing at an “elite level.”

He is certain that the Colts quarterback is giving his best in the football games and this is only just the beginning of a new chapter.

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