Madrid Is a “Land of Promise” for Copa Libertadores Champ

Madrid Is a Land of Promise for Copa Libertadores Champ

Madrid served as the Promised Land for River Plate as it was crowned its fourth Copa Libertadores title on Sunday.

The Argentinian professional football team defeated its fellow Buenos Aires-based competitor, the Boca Juniors. The final score 3-1 was in favor of River Plate, cementing a 5-3 aggregate triumph.

Madrid attracted 72,000 soccer aficionados at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the home arena of Real Madrid.

The Spanish city was selected as the safe venue for the largest football contest in South America following the highly publicized team skirmish in Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, River Plate’s impassioned fans were allegedly responsible for injuring the staff and team members of Boca Juniors who were aboard a bus when the attack happened.

The victims reportedly suffered cuts from broken glass windows hurled at them and inhaling tear gas. Boca Juniors forward, Carlos Tevez, was among those who were severely affected.

The versatile footballer who played for two Manchester football teams and Juventus as a striker, winger, supporting forward, and attacking midfielder, was reportedly retching and nauseous.

Alejandro Dominguez, president of the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (CONMEBOL), pointed out that the Spanish capital was the only place where it was possible to host the twice-postponed Copa Libertadores final.

Considering the huge population of Argentinian citizens numbering to roughly 350,000 based in Spain, he said that that they intended to give them the chance to experience the most awaited football match.

Juan Quintero served as the saving grace for River Plate who enthusiastically grabbed the ball after a series of passes.

With three Boca Juniors defenders huddling around him, attempting to block his objective of scoring a goal, Quintero stunningly gave his all with the help of his left foot.

During the second half of the extra time, the River Plate attacking midfielder scored after achieving 1-1 within 90 minutes, giving his team its needed advantage.

This historic success for the Argentinian football team was also made possible by Gonzalo Martinez who impressed during the remaining time of the heated and energetic Copa Libertadores match.

Esteban Andrada, the Boca Juniors goalkeeper, failed to thwart the River Plate’s offensive midfielder who succeeded in scoring the third goal.

The Copa Libertadores is the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League equivalent for South America.

River Plate serves as its current champion with its fourth title and the first in three years.

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