Seattle Seahawks Protest During National Anthem Of NFL Week 7

Seattle Seahawks Protest During National Anthem Of NFL Week 7

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Another round of national anthem demonstrations happened in the NFL stadiums yet again this Sunday, but not at the same intensity as before. The Dallas Cowboys complied with the wishes of Jerry Jones to remain standing after the owner threatened to bench anyone disrespecting the flag.

David Irving of the Cowboys did something else – a brief motion of his fist after the anthem. It was not about the flag in the first place, according to Irving. The Cowboys are playing against San Francisco 49ers, which is one of the leaders of this season’s demonstrations. They have a few members taking to their knees this time around as well.

Individuals around the league took to their knees, locked arms and raised their fists. Some did not even go to the field during the national anthem. Seven of the Seattle Seahawks remained seated during the anthem in MetLife Stadium. Kenny Stills, Julian Thomas and Michael Thomas of Miami Dolphins stayed in the tunnel while Richard Matthews of Tennessee stayed in the locker room.

Seattle Seahawks Protest During National Anthem Of NFL Week 7

NFL owners and players met last week to consider how to channel activism and passion in the NFL. They discussed how they could channel this into community action while NFL itself stopped short of demanding that they stand during the national anthem.

The United States President Trump did not tweet about the pro football league yet, but the online fundraising organization for Trump and Pence did it themselves.

They posted a petition, asking for a list of supporters to add their name if they stood during the national anthem, advocating patriotism and support. This came from Trump Made America Great Again Committee on the Republican National Committee website. They did not reveal the number of signatures received, though.

The President made his displeasure known regarding the owner-player meeting last week. He asked for a policy requiring players to stand during the national anthem. Owners, however, seemed divided regarding the issue.

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    Much of this started when the black Oakland Raider’s offensive line purposefully slacked off and let their white quarterback be beaten up by the opposing team (Washington Redskins) earlier this season. Their ignorance about how this obvious action would be received by the mostly white NFL ticket buying customers was massive. Now the players realize their error and that continuing this vendetta against white players “not kneeling” would be very bad for their future. That’s why you saw the “real” Raiders beating the division leading Kansas City Chiefs last week and Derek Carr having over 400 passing yards and three touchdowns. That said, the NFL is on a downhill slide that will be hard to stop. Black football players have proven that they can be racists and they did it on television for all to see. Tell me that isn’t stupid….