Carson Palmer Of Arizona Cardinals To Be Out On NFL Season

Carson Palmer Of Arizona Cardinals To Be Out On NFL Season

LONDON, United Kingdom – Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals got a broken left arm from Sunday’s loss at Twickenham Stadium in London against Los Angeles Rams. Coach Bruce Arians said he would be undergoing surgery when the team comes back to Arizona after the game.

Arians also expects him to miss at least eight weeks of games. Palmer might be out the entire season.

Palmer got the injury during the second quarter, after taking a hit from linebacker Alec Ogletree during an interception. The accident happened in the 5:48 minutes remaining time of the second quarter and he was taken out of the game.

Lamarcus Joyner intercepted Palmer’s pass. Palmer exited the game at 10 to 18 for 122 yards with one interception and with the Rams at a 23-0 lead at halftime. The 10-year veteran Drew Stanton replaced him.

Stanton was the only backup quarterback active during that Sunday game for the Cardinals. Some fans, however, wondered about Blaine Gabbert who was known to be inactive. Coach Arians insists that the Cardinals will still stick with Stanton for their November 5 matchup against the 49ers.

Carson Palmer Of Arizona Cardinals To Be Out On NFL Season

This is not the first time Palmer got an injury against the Los Angeles Rams. Back in 2014, he tore his left anterior cruciate ligament in a game. He also suffered a concussion last season. Many had been wondering how this will impact his career.

He is the latest amongst the quarterbacks to be sidelined this season. Jay Cutler from Miami also suffered a chest injury and had to leave Sunday’s Game.

Aaron Rodgers of Packers underwent surgery to repair a broken collarbone recently. Bradford of Vikings and Andrew Luck of Colts are also quarterbacks who are reported to be out currently.

The Cardinals got an offense boost last week when they traded for Adrian Peterson. However, they will need to make him do a lot more during the next games if Palmer will be absent.

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