John Mara Still Has Better Hopes For New York Giants

John Mara Still Has Better Hopes For New York Giants

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – New York Giants’ co-owner John Mara is not too happy about how the team is performing this season. However, that does not mean that he is going to give up on them just yet.

NFL owners gathered for a meeting in New York City where Mara expressed his disappointment with this team’s 1-5 scoring in the past season. However, despite the turnout of their scores, Mara still had high hopes for the Giants with General Manager Jerry Reese and Head Coach Ben McAdoo.

Due to the low performance of the players, Reese and McAdoo takes the blame for the downfall of the Giants. From competing in huge leagues to the bottom of the food chain of the National Football Conference, their fate seemed to stop there.

Despite their flaws, they still have the support of Mara. The Giants’ co-owner explained that winning in the league is already difficult as it is. However, nothing can make the situation worse than leaving the head coach and general manager without the full support of the owner.

John Mara Still Has Better Hopes For New York Giants

Mara went on to discuss the state of his co-owner Steve Tisch about the relinquishment of the call playing duties of McAdoo. In the week six league against Denver Broncos, McAdoo had to handover his duties to Mike Sullivan.

Mara said it was most likely that Reese discussed the possibility that he had to let go of his duties in play calling with McAdoo. He, nevertheless, did not tell him straight to the point that it was what he must do. He concluded that it must have been McAdoo who made the decision.

Mara even talked about it with Tisch, but they also did not mention to McAdoo that he needs to halt his duties in play calling.

The New York Giants were victorious over the Denver Broncos in the past game. However, what stirred the owner’s mood was Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s suspension. The Giants could have ended with a scoring of 0-6, but instead, they got a 1-5.

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